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CEOs wanting to get to that next level

As technology develops at an accelerating pace today, CEOs and business leaders run the risk of being left behind. It seems there is ever more pressure to make strategy and system changes, just to keep up with the lightening speed of their markets.

To transition or transform, that is the question

We find that business leaders are either in heavy “transition” or “transformation” mode, as a result. They report to us it’s nearly impossible to keep up with today’s innovative trends, brought about by the innovations of  artificial intelligence and robotics into business systems. Companies such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon are introducing leveraged technologies with conversation bots, augmented reality, AI systems, network sensors, and so much more. And, our clients are looking for their edge more than ever.

Business owners are being forced to make very important changes to stay relevant. In many cases there are no clear frameworks for leaders to make the deliberate jump to the next level for their organisations. At the same time, while dealing with all this external change, many CEOs and business leaders are striving to become the next better version of themselves as leaders and people, but often they don’t know how or where to start to make all these important changes.

Are you making a lasting transformation?

Reading about or talking about transforming is one thing, but actually embodying and feeling the transformation to ensure it sticks is a totally different ball game.

To make lasting transformations in life and business requires rigorous inner game changing. This means lots of mental awareness and practice. Once the inner game changes, the outer-world game is impacted in a more positive and sustainable way. The key to transformation is working on changing one’s inner consciousness to clear up any inner sabotage that stops or slows you down as a leader.

We have coached a number of CEOs, and the feedback that we receive is that at times it’s too easy to lose perspective of the bigger vision. It’s a challenge to fully separate thoughts from feelings.

A key area for CEOs is to focus on the highest leverage opportunities and have the cognitive awareness to be open to opportunity, while someone can keep them accountable throughout the process. It’s important to monitor and manage the shifts along the way so that optimal choices are made at each point in the journey, to be able to learn quickly from setbacks or failures.

Coaching and supporting a CEO not only helps the CEO stay motivated to take action. Taking lots of actions is one thing, but also cultivating awareness to know how to navigate the roadblocks and emotional pains is another. It requires the skills of awareness and mental re-framing so that the business leader has cleared the path to make their desired transition or transformation.

Are you aware of the subtle differences between a transition and a transformation?

A transition could be to raise the profit levels of the business by 40%. A transformation would be bigger such as taking a few transition steps to systemize the business so as to raise the profit levels with the ultimate purpose of selling the business within 2 years. This is a more radical but powerful growth cycle for a CEO and all who are part of the business. Therefore, coaching and support is significantly different between a transition to raise profits versus a transformation to systemizing and selling the business.

Support in a transition tends to require less time compared to a transformation. A transformation is like building the next floor of a high rise. The transition part is ensuring the concrete posts and simple framework is in place before the full implementation of the floor is initiated like with the windows, office partitions, design, furniture, technology etc. I use the metaphor to better illustrate the differences between a transition and transformation when it comes to how we address the inner and outer world work we do with our CEO clients.

Are you trying to transition or transform your business?

If you are ready for that next level it’s important to know if it is a transition or transformation you are after. Also it’s important to have the tools, mindset approach, and a sense of the right kind of framework in order to step up to that next level.

Wanting and hoping for a transformation is one thing but doing the work, handling the mental and emotional changes when going through a transformational dilemma, and getting acclimatized to the new levels of progress requires commitment and courage. It also requires both inner work AND outer work, whether you’re seekingor a successful and sustainable transition or transformation.

So, what’s your Next Step?

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