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Can CEOs get more “me time” by working with Mindfulness?

When coaching CEOs and business owners the theme of getting more “me time” seems to be a common thread in order to stay balanced, sane, and on track.

Mindfulness and Business

Until recently ‘mindfulness’ and business leaders did not seem to have much in common. Mindfulness, or what I prefer to call meditation, was perceived to be for hippies and people who are “soft” and “sensitive” and even “lost”.

But, that perception has been changing over the years as big firms such as Apple, Google, Nike, Yahoo and many others are embracing this “productivity strategy”, as I would call it. It helps business leaders, heads of departments, and employees to get more focus, feel more inner stability, clarity of thinking, energy, improve memory, and so much more.

Meditation helped me and even saved my life when I went through a serious life shift at mid-life. I needed to answer some of the deeper life questions for myself after losing a family member, a marriage, a business and a home all in the space of a few months. I was pushed from within to find out and learn how to meditate.

I attended various meditation workshops. I went on Buddhist silent retreats and listened to powerful discourses around the applications of meditation and working with wisdom to surmount what seemed like impossible challenges. They helped me come though that life crisis with more strength and awareness. The tools I garnered from that phase set me up to coach and support like-minded individuals who did not have the time to go on silent retreats or read spiritual texts.

How do you ‘do’ Mindfulness?

The key to meditation is the development of awareness. When you have awareness, be it around a business issue, health, or relationship problem, it sparks the beginning to make important changes in order to improve your situation to go to the next level. Awareness requires one to create space in the mind. When you have space around your thoughts you are able to see things clearly and calmly.

As a coach I notice when clients work with me over a period of a few months, they are able to create a “Thinking Space” for new ideas and break through their glass ceilings of personal limitations. Clients gain deeper insight and awareness around their business and life issues and it happens quickly. Two brains are more powerful than just one person trying to work things out with filtered thinking processes or from holding onto old assumptions.

Unfortunately, most business leaders are too busy doing and doing and have no time for Being. After all we are human Beings and not human Doings! 

In a future blog, I will offer some basic tips to get you going on your own mindfulness or meditation path.

In the meantime here is a list of CEOs and heads of large firms who have practiced meditation daily. (Taken from an article from Business Insider):

  • Bill Ford, Chairman of Ford Motor Company
  • Marc Benioff, Founder of Sales Force
  • Ray Dalio, Billionaire founder of Bridgewater Associates
  • Jeff Weiner, CEO of Linked In
  • Steve Jobs of Apple

The video posted above this blog is of Russell Simmons CEO of Rush Communications and various other ventures, who has a Net Worth of over $340 Million. As Tony Robbins, the Personal Development Success Guru says, “Success Leaves Clues”.

What are your views on this theme? Leave a comment or write to us if you’d like some pointers of where to start with Mindfulness and Meditation as a tool to enhance your daily productivity and focus.


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