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Break Through Your Glass Ceiling Leadership Event in Dublin Nov 21 2018

For Immediate Release: Dublin, Ireland, October 23, 2018

Contact: Energized CEOs Co-Founder- Geraldine Smythe 089 255 2200

The ‘Break through your Glass Ceiling’ Leadership FREE Event is coming November 21, 2018

Presented by Energized CEOs

Energized CEOs has just opened enrolment for its first leadership and launch event, hosted by Bank of Ireland at Trinity College on Wednesday November 21st, 2018 but they have already booked more than half the tickets. Forty executive leaders in total will attend the event and they are offering a handful of complimentary tickets to eligible people. As it’s a FREE event, once all places are filled, a waiting list will be made available.

The event, entitled ‘Break through your Glass Ceiling in Business’, is designed to be both an educational workshop as well as a power networking event for CEOs and Senior Leadership across Ireland’s leading industries. Already there is representation from manufacturers, hoteliers, franchising, technology, education, and non profit organisations. Registration is from 5:30-6:15pm and will include refreshments and time to network, with the educational workshop portion starting at 6:15. Co-founders of Energized CEOs and partners, James Kilgarriff, (top international business coach from T Harv Eker) and Geraldine Smythe will facilitate the workshop. Attendees will have the chance to discover and clearly map out a path to break through their most difficult business challenge, so as to be confident and fully prepared for a great 2019.

In early 2018 when executive coaches and business CEOs James Kilgarriff (England) and Geraldine Smythe (Ireland/USA) met through Bill Baren’s Premium Business Coaching Leadership course, these two business veterans had already run over a dozen successful businesses, plus coached 100s of CEOs and senior company leaders between them. It wasn’t until after the course, and several months into their monthly ‘accountability’ calls when they realised they were both on a mission to support CEOs, specifically.

Having advised plenty of leaders and been in the same position several times each, they knew first hand that, no matter where business is conducted in the world, it can still feel quite lonely at the top. With 100s of micro and macro decisions resting squarely on the shoulders of often overwhelmed company leaders on a daily basis, and their teams relying on the leader for consistent good judgement and poise throughout potentially chronically stressful situations, James and Geraldine both knew exactly what that kind of pressure can mean to 1000s of CEOs struggling on the path to success. In addition, there is also an unfair stigma and unrealistic expectation that leaders who appear to want or need assistance are weak. After all, they’re supposed to have all the answers.

Yet, in the world of sports, rather than business, no one would second guess the need for an Olympian or world-class ball player to require a coach.

Together James and Geraldine decided it was high-time to co-create a new kind of leadership service to support and nurture good business leaders holistically, both for their professional AND personal success. So, they founded Energized CEOs, an internationally focused executive coaching and education firm. Its premise is straight forward: Good leaders can become superb forces for positive progress with the right mix of support, coaching, and education. Since starting the firm just this summer, James and Geraldine couldn’t have imagined that their concept would have taken off like a rocket!

‘If we take a look at the state of leadership around the world today, it’s not hard to see that good leadership is being overshadowed by a few loud and prominent bad apples. No wonder trust in business, politics and executive leaders is at an all time low!’ says Smythe.

‘It’s my firm belief, though, that a great and ethical leader in business, who really puts people first, has the power to dramatically improve the lives of 1000s and create a huge ripple effect of satisfaction and profits that every workplace and community deserves to enjoy. Good leaders often just need the right support and resources to be nurtured into becoming great leaders, and that’s what we’re doing in our business. And we’re especially thrilled that Dublin is just as excited as we are, judging by the enthusiastic response to our first event!’

The day following the event, there will also be a limited number of complimentary follow up strategy sessions available for eligible individual companies one on one, to further their plans for 2019.

For more information and to register for the November 21st (and/or 22nd ) tickets, while still available, visit www.energizedceos.com/learn.

A summary of the event details include:

Energized CEOs presents ‘Break through your Glass Ceiling in Business’ Leadership Event

21 November, 2018 5:30pm-8:00pm

Hosted by Bank of Ireland, The Workbench, Hamilton Building, Trinity College, Dublin

Plus optional opportunity 22 November, 2018 9am-4pm for one-on-one company strategy sessions.

Limited tickets are available for senior SME leaders for both dates. Please contact Geraldine Smythe at 089 255 2200 or Geraldine@energizedceos.com for more details.

About Energized CEOs

Energized CEOs was founded in 2018 by co-founders James Kilgarriff and Geraldine Smythe, award-winning business leaders and executive coaches to 100s of companies around the world. Our international leadership and education service provides a different kind of coaching style to CEOs, who value a holistic approach to becoming world-class leaders. Our team is focused on helping you overcome both the business and personal challenges that may be holding you back on your path to success. We work with executives in every sector and across borders to nurture good leaders into becoming exceptional achievers. For more information on upcoming workshops, online coaching, courses, and educational materials to support your growth, please visit www.energizedceos.com.

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