Does any of the following describe you?

  • Stressed
  • Limited bandwidth to dedicate to new projects
  • No real time to think things through
  • Working IN your business too much, rather than ON your business
  • Wanting to ‘give back’ or contribute, but have not the means to do so right now

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above, then you are in the right place!

You are a very busy CEO or Business Leader working to grow or scale up your business, but you may feel burnt out or just needing support to make that next level happen. One key factor to your ongoing success is to maintain high energy levels and feel good about what you are doing, so you get the results you expect,

You need to be able to take time out each week to think through your strategies and priorities, perhaps to a point where the business can work without you in the future. Leaving some kind of legacy could be part of that vision for you.

We help CEOs think through their business processes and systems to help them break free of the day-to-day routine pressures, which often result in lower energy and not being open to new opportunities. We do this by taking our clients through a process to practice both ‘inner’ and ‘outer game strategies’ to help shift you to new models of reality, where you are getting consistent results at that next level.

Meet Our Team

James Kilgarriff

James has been been active in business coaching for over 15 years and has coached and mentored over 500 clients in the last 3 years, both on a one-to-one and group-coaching basis, supporting business owners and entrepreneurs since 2003. He has been in corporate IT sales and trained sales teams and companies to sell high-ticket technology consultancy services. He also set up and ran a thriving real estate business from scratch when he lived in Spain using his entrepreneurial and sales experiences. He is fluent in Spanish.

James is the European Lead Coach with Harv Eker International, a world leader in business and personal coaching systems. He also works with a number of premium business clients who are taking life and business to the next level.


Geraldine Smythe

Geraldine has started and owned 8 businesses, including 2 franchises, and has advised dozens more for over 25 years. With a passion for small business, sales, education, and especially people, she has worked extensively in the USA, Europe, and Latin America, and speaks English, Italian, and French. She has built award-winning companies several times in education, the arts, crowdfunding and media/PR, and credits her consistent wins to the practical systems she learned (the hard way!) to develop and implement for greater efficiencies and profits.

Geraldine’s Total Team Transformation Coaching Course for Senior leadership has accelerated success for numerous businesses using a strategic approach to improving team communication, sales, customer service ratings, and the bottom line quickly. Besides her experience running businesses, she is also experienced at preparing businesses for sale. She advises CEOs and leadership on best practices to maximize their results at each stage of their business, from start-up through to takeover or exit.