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I own and run a trucking company in Utah. A major discovery from working with James over the last 9 months is that I can easily get caught up being stuck in the forest and see only the trees whereas James has been a kind of “Guide on the Hill” who has a knack to know the next steps ahead. James has supported and directed me exactly where I need to go with the business in terms of the company vision, getting the right business strategy together, creating systems and helping me transition the business eventually to new owners when all the necessary processes are in place. I am feeling empowered, more confident and clear as to where the business is going. Although James does not know the trucking business, he has a clear perception on where I have needed to go with the business.His intuition, patience and problem-solving skills have been invaluable to me".

Chris Jensen

CEO Valley Transport, Utah

I first worked with Geraldine when I franchised with Moolah U. As a former franchisee in northwest Austin, she gave me guidance and lessons learned on working with the school district in my territory. After she moved to Ireland she remained a trusted mentor and was such a resource to me as I started my own business, Whiz Biz Kids. Working with Geraldine is truly uplifting. She delivers her guidance in such a supportive way that she instills confidence that empowers you to take the next steps. What sets Geraldine apart from other business coaches is that she presents the alternative option you might not have thought of and provides valid reasons why this option should be considered, often backed by her own experience. Starting and running your own business can be an isolating and terrifying experience. I'm so grateful to have Geraldine as a trusted resource and mentor with me on this journey!

Alicia Hoffman

CPA and WhizBizKids Owner

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As a CEO for a start up tech company has meant dealing with a lot of business, financial and staff pressures. Working with James has helped me voice these issues clearly which would otherwise stay in the background of my mind because the day to day pressures with the business. Having an external source of support such as James has helped me get my thinking clear as to ways manage the pressures of business growth. I have appreciated the importance of trusting my instincts and staying focused taking the next steps with the business and also my personal life. For any CEO or business leader who needs that external support as well as a neutral viewpoint on things, I would recommend investing in a business coach such as James.

Jim McClanahan

CEO Soniphi Technology